Healing Yourself

health mindset Sep 11, 2019

I always say that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

One of my favorite stories is in relation to a healing when I cracked my tooth.

I had been focusing on healing for a while. I already understood the relationship and vocational quadrant when it came to manifesting, but I still needed more experience with the health quadrant. I had heard about miraculous healings, but I really didn’t understand how that worked.

I focused on “How does this work?” and as I have said before, “God always says yes.” I was given the answer.

One day while I was eating, I bit down and cracked my tooth. I went to the dentist and he put a crown on my tooth, but he didn’t do it right. I had to go back to his office three times to have it ground down.

By the third time, the nerve of that tooth was so inflamed that I had to go to a oral specialist.

The specialist told me that although my nerve had not been exposed due to the cracked tooth, I would still have to get a root canal. Apparently, the older you get the roots to your teeth get smaller and the blood circulation lessens. Thus when a tooth is inflamed, it is difficult for it to heal.

He then proceeded to tell me, “If you were 14 or 15 years old, you would be able to heal, but because of your age, you will have to get a root canal.”

I thought to myself…GAME ON!

I’ve told people that they can heal themselves, and this was my opportunity to prove that point.

I meditated on what it feels like for my mouth to be healed and to enjoy eating and chewing my food. I did this daily for six weeks, and the pain went away.

My tooth was healed. It has been years, and I have never had another problem with my tooth.

Like I say…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You can heal yourself, but you have to get into that mindset of believing and knowing that it can be your truth.

 Peace and blessings,



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